5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Le Marche Italy

Visit Le Marche Italy

Why recently so many people are saying that you have to visit Le Marche Italy? Suddenly, a new Italian region appeared that seems to be very attractive to tourists and people who would love to retire in Italy. In fact, there is a good reason for that. Le Marche is in the top 10 regions to visit in Italy. Keep reading to find out why.

First of all, what makes millions of people visit Italy each year (excluding 2020 due to the pandemic)? Well, that’s a pretty simple question. Italy is one of the most wanted destinations in the world. Who is it that has never dreamt about tasting real Italian cuisine? Or walking on cobbled streets with Roman traces, taking a sip of proper Italian wine, or even attending a cooking class with locals. What about sleeping in a beautiful accommodation surrounded by vineyards, or hunting some quality white truffles with a trained dog.?

You see that it’s a very simple question with a simple answer. One can easily admit how unique and diverse each Italian region is. They all have some distinct traditions, particular cuisine and popular sites to visit. 

So, now on to the main question. Why should you visit the region of Le Marche Italy?

Well, believe it or not, Le Marche has collected everything that Italy has to offer in one beautiful territory. A territory rich in natural wonders, history, traditions, events and mouth-watering dishes. 

But here are our 5 reasons why you should book your flight soon and visit Le Marche. 

Everything of Italy in one place

When I say this, I mean it. If you want beautiful beaches Le Marche offers you some of the most pristine beaches on the Adriatic Coast. That’s without a doubt the Conero Riviera. Unique part of the region that will take place in your heart right away. 

The region is also part of the Apennines. There lie the absolutely incredible mountain range of The Sibillini. A natural park that is full of hiking trails, ski slopes in the winter, blossoming wild orchids in spring and five shades of green in the summer. In the Sibillini Mountains, you shouldn’t miss Pilato and Fiastra lakes. The first one is a little bit more difficult to reach but it’s worth the 2.5 hours walk. 

Have you seen those beautiful Roman towns built on top of the hills? Yes, those that immediately transfer you to medieval times. Le Marche has so many of them. Some of our top choices are Loreto, Gradara, Ripatransone, Cingoli, Sarnano and Grottammare. But really, the list goes on and on

In addition, let’s not forget the agriculture that brings to life some of the best wines and dishes in Italy. When you visit Le Marche and taste the olives al’ascolana with a glass of Rosso Piceno (Ascoli Piceno Province) you would thank me. In fact, we all know how much love Italian people put into cooking and making wines. Le Marche doesn’t step back from this at all. 

Can you imagine that all the things that you ever wanted to experience during your Italian trip are in the same region? Then, put Le Marche on your wish list. 

Cheaper than other regions

Well, yes. This is also another great reason why you should consider visiting Le Marche. If you ever dreamt about going to Tuscany, now imagine Le Marche with everything that Tuscany has to offer but a lot cheaper. As I mentioned previously, the region is becoming popular now. This should bring you to mind that tourism is not yet discovered. Hence, the cost of accommodation, fish lunch on the beach, or meat dinner in a mountain village, will be a lot cheaper than in some of the most popular regions in Italy. 

Let’s not forget if you choose to retire in Italy and you’re looking for your dream home but you cannot afford it. Le Marche is also cheaper in terms of properties. And, we still talk about a beautifully restored villa in the vineyards. Or, a perfectly positioned in a historic centre apartment and a step away from the beach house. 

Visit Le Marche Italy and explore it in peace

Well, let’s be honest. How many times have you visited Italy and you felt so drained from bashing into people on the streets, or someone trying to sell you stuff while you’re enjoying a beautiful view. It happens everywhere, not only in Italy. 

But hey, the region of Le Marche is a completely different story. Here you will enjoy walking along narrow Roman roads, feel the smell from the brick houses and visit a natural wonders in a complete peace and quiet. Sometimes you even feel that life has stopped here. But it’s not. 

For example, I remember walking around Ripatransone, a small village in the Province of Ascoli Piceno. It was around lunch time. I was passing by some houses with beautiful architecture and flowers all around. Two of my senses suddenly sharpened. I heard the sound of cutlery and pans and I smelled that freshly baked dough. You can imagine I got hungry straight away. 

So, visit Le Marche and relax yourself completely. That’s what I call a holiday!

Visit Le Marche

Home to some of the most beautiful villages in Italy

There is an association called “I Borghi Piu Belli d’Italia (The most beautiful villages in Italy). It was created with the aim to promote places with rich history and beauty. Le Marche has 27 of them in its territory. Those are picturesque villages which characterise with outstanding hospitality and valuable traditions. One of them is Torre di Palme, 5 min drive from the town of Fermo. Really, one of the most attractive villages in Le Marche. You can read all about it here. Or Gradara, another one with such an amazing love but also tragic story. No matter which one you choose, they all have something special in the air that cannot be described. You just have to visit them. 

The people of Le Marche (I Marchigiani)

So, what are the main characteristics that you’ve heard about Italian people? They are loud, they speak with their hands, they are too friendly or the opposite, they’re passionate? Well, Le Marche is unique also in terms of the people. It’s positioned right in the middle of Italy and it has collected a little bit of North and South. People here are just the perfect combination. They are also kind and always ready to help you. 

Of course, when I’m saying this I don’t mean that people from the rest of Italy are not kind. Not at all. Everyone is unique in their way. 

In addition. People here are happy to meet new faces, foreign faces, because tourism is just becoming to grow. So, you’re very welcome in Le Marche!

Dreaming about Le Marche already?

One day you have to visit Le Marche Italy so you can experience everything I mentioned above. We absolutely love this region and I’m pretty sure you will fall in love with it, too. In fact, I met quite a lot of people that came here for the first time and asked themselves why they haven’t done it earlier. 

It’s here where you can feel everything Italian but in a very balanced dose. It’s here where you get from the Apennines to the Adriatic Coast in just an hour. 

With so much to offer, one week here wouldn’t be enough to explore everything. Honestly, I’m not even worried about it because I am pretty sure you will visit Le Marche again.

Feel free to let us know if you have visited the region already and what your experience was like.