Torre di Palme Italy: history, beauty and traditions

Torre di Palme Italy is a small Italian town located in the Province of Fermo in the region of Le Marche. With less than 700 inhabitants, this place will make you fall in love it with straight away. It is a perfectly preserved medieval village which is an entirely a pedestrian area.  There are a lot of hotels in Torre di Palme, as well as authentic Torre di Palme ristorante.

When you walk along the narrow streets of the village, you’re surrounded by blossoming geraniums of different colours. In addition,  beautiful medieval churches, artistic coffee places and attractive restaurants. Between the narrow facades, you will always find a marvellous view of the sea and the surrounding hills. 

How to get to Torre di Palme Marche

The village is conveniently situated next to Autostrada Adriatica/A14 (highway). In this case, you can take the highway if you are coming from two of the closest airports Ancona and Pescara. Ancona airport is about 45 minutes drive and Pescara is 1 hr 16 min. 

However, if you are coming from abroad, it’s more likely that you will have to fly to a bigger airport first and then take a connecting flight. Those airports could be in Rome or Bologna. 

If you prefer taking a train instead of driving you can take one from Ancona and get off at Porto San Giorgio. Then, change to another train to get to Torre di Palme, Marche. Accordingly, the whole trip takes around 1 hour. 

Origin of village

The origins of the borgo (village) come from the ancient Piceno city of Palma. After being subjected to pirate raids, the city was becoming a heap of ruins. This forced the inhabitants to look for a refuge on the hill where the watchtower Turris Palmae was located.

The nearby beaches

Add titleTorre di Palme, Italy, is standing on top of a hill. For this reason, it offers a remarkable panoramic view of the sea coast and the rolling hills. It’s just 1.5 km from the beach. It’s a perfect location for those looking for the best of nature, culture and sun. 

The closest beaches are Marina Palmense and Porto San Giorgio. In fact, both are very different. 

Marina Palmense is more of unspoiled area and it is surrounded by nature. There is also a beautiful campsite with a lot of activities for families or couples. 

On the other hand, Porto San Giorgio is a very equipped beach. It also prides for its Blue Flag awarded for environmentally friendly coast. It’s packed with chalets that are open for lunch, aperitif and dinner. All of them offer deliciously cooked fresh fish. 

Torre di Palme

Torre di Palme ristorante for the food lovers

Torre di Palme ristorante are in no shortage. Indeed, the local cuisine is reflected by the traditions in the region of Le Marche. It characterises with using only genuine products and dishes. Here are some of the best Torre di Palme ristorante. 

La Torre restaurant serves delicious fish dishes. In addition, with its sensational location it overlooks the coast and the rolling hills. Quality food and professional service make it very popular. For this reason, a reservation is advisable. 

Another Torre di Palme restaurant on our list is Trattoria Loré. It focuses on the finest fish of the Adriatic, creating typical dishes from Le Marche.

Enjoy a relaxing evening with a view to the Adriatic Sea and immerse yourself in the surrounding greenery. 


Torre di Palme, Italy, has some picturesque artisan shops. They make you feel like you want to buy everything because of their artistic look. You will be able to find plenty of souvenirs, ceramic pottery, and typical for the region goods. 

What to see in Torre di Palme, Marche

One of the highlights of Torre di Palme is the Gothic church of S. Agostino. In the heart of the town, the church was build in terracotta with a beautiful portal. The Gothic church is a home to a valuable polyptych by Vittore Crivelli which was stolen in 1972. It was later on recovered and preserved allowing visitors to be able to admire it. 

Walking down from S. Agostino you will reach the church of Santa Maria a Mare. There, reveals a breathtaking view of the Adriatic Sea along with the nearby town of Porto San Giorgio. 

The only real bell tower in the village dates back to the 14th century. The exterior of the church has been through several changes over the time without losing its simplicity and beauty. 

Torre di Palme Italy

If you’re willing to see this small Italian town from a different perspective then have a walk towards Bosco del Cugnolo. This an easy path which has an exceptional botanical value. It’s in a perfect condition with wood fences, for this reason, it’s safe to walk there. Once being on the other side of Torre di Palme, you can enjoy the village in its full shape. 

The Lovers’ Cave – story of Torre di Palme

The walk in the woods is accompanied by a local story which makes it even more attractive. A tragic story but yet, beautiful. Just 10 minutes walk from your starting point, you will reach the “Lovers’ Cave” (La Grotta Degli Amanti). There are signs on the way the guide you. 

In 1911, during the Italian colonial war in Libya, the young soldier Antonio had few days leave to see his family. Returning to his lover Laurina, he didn’t have the heart to leave her again. So, they decided to hide in the “Lovers’ cave” and spend the rest of their days together. Supported by the local fishermen who were giving them bread and sardines to survive, the couple stayed in the cave for 8 days. 

When the authorities found out about Antonio’s decision to desert, they started looking for him. The lovers started feeling the pressure. In a result, they decided to leave this world together. They tied themselves to each other so they could not separate and jumped from the 70-meter high ditch of San Filipo. Laurina died instantly and Antonio, after a few days of terrible suffering from his spinal injuries, joined his beloved. 

Small Italian towns

Torre di Palme hotels

In Torre di Palme hotels actually are not typical. Instead, you will be pleased to stay in charming residences, villas, B&Bs. 

One of them is Residence Criro that offers medieval style apartments and beautiful panoramic views. 

The B&B “Il Crivelli” is a welcoming Bed & Breakfast located in the heart of Torre di Palme. Staying at “Il Crivelli” is an original and interesting way to discover a place rich in history, an ideal crossroads to combine culture and relaxation.

So, if you type Torre di Palme hotels, don’t be surprised why you find some more authentic accommodations instead.

Torre di Palme Italy

This small Italian town is a pearl of the Adriatic coast which will transfer you to a different world, indeed. Definitely worth visiting at sunrise or sunset which allows you to admire the town while illuminated. This small Italian town is part of the association “I Borghi più belle d’Italia” (The most beautiful villages in Italy). In fact, it has great pride in being part of this association.

Despite its small size, Torre di Palme, Italy, is one of the most attractive historical sites in the region of Le Marche

Every summer Torre di Palme hosts a lot of festivals, cultural events, and art exhibitions. These events welcome tourists, accompanied by the hospitality of the residents.