Top 8 most fascinating villages in le Marche region

Le Marche Villages

Le Marche is one of the most beautiful Eastern Italian regions. With its charming seaside and medieval villages, it’s not a surprise that many tourists choose to visit this region when they come to Italy. There are almost 30 charming villages, including Grottammare, Treia, and Gradara, and you won’t go wrong if you visit any of them as they have so much to offer. However, since you’re there, it’d be a pity to visit only one village, as you could visit multiple villages and feel that Italian diversity. Here are some of the most famous Le Marche villages that you shouldn’t miss. You can also check out our 5 day itinerary in the most spectacular places in the region of Le Marche.


There is a good reason why Cingoli is known as the balcony of the Le Marche region. It’s located at the heart of the region, which makes it a perfect place where you can stay and visit all other villages and towns from there. The historical center has a lot of things that no one should miss – from numerous churches and monasteries to the town council and beautiful villas. You could also visit the sanctuary of Santa Sperantia, one of the saints that are protecting the city and whose name means hope in Italian. Italian loves to say that Cingoli has the best of things that were created both by nature and by men, and they are all in perfect harmony with each other.


Gradara is also known as the village of love because it’s associated with two lovers described in Dante’s Divine Comedy – Francesca and Paolo. It also has some of the oldest and best-preserved medieval structures in the whole region, including 14 towers and a medieval castle. It’s possible to climb on some of the towers and enjoy the breathtaking panorama. You can wander around narrow streets like a real Italian, or you could choose to explore Il Bosco di Paolo e Francesca – a wood that is home to a variety of forest plants that is difficult to find in other parts of Europe.

Le Marche Villages


Sarnano is another one of the top villages in Le Marche. It is a warm and peaceful community, surrounded by medieval walls. It’s visible that the town was carefully planned and most of the original structures are preserved. The historical center is one of the most preserved medieval centers in Le Marche, if not even in the whole of Italy. The first thing you will notice is the church of Santa Maria Assunta with the tall bell tower that is still in function, and its sound can be heard every day just like centuries ago when it was first constructed. It can be a good idea to visit the village during winter, not only because snow makes it even more charming, but also because it offers a wide variety of winter sports such as skiing and ice skating.

Villages in Le Marche


This exotic village is also known as the Pearl of the Adriatic Sea and it’s a perfect location for those that want to relax and recharge. Many Italian celebrities spend their summers here as there is so much to do – from beautiful beaches and breath-taking nature, to boat rides and excursions to places nearby, The village is famous for its 8-mile long promenade near the seaside, decorated by palms, where you can spend special moments like watching the sunrise or sunset. The atmosphere in the village is very romantic, perfect for a getaway with your significant other.


All medieval Italian cities had walls to protect them, but not all of them are preserved. However, Corinaldo has a good reason to brag, with almost one mile of medieval walls that are still intact and protecting the center of the village. Another thing that makes it one of the Le Marche villages worth visiting are 2000-year old mosaics found on the floor of one ancient Roman house that probably belonged to the family that ruled the area. They’re among the best-preserved mosaics in Italy and they’re also truly breath-taking.

Torre di Palme

Located on the top of the hill near the seaside, this village has an excellent position for enjoying the view. Torre di Palme is a small community with less than 1000 inhabitants. It’s known for its vine and other traditional products. The village was home to the first Palio, or traditional Italian horse race that happens at the center of the town. Of course, Palio in Siena is much bigger and more famous, but this one is perfect for those that don’t like crowds and want to get an authentic experience.


If you love nature and you’re always looking to learn more about some new species and take some beautiful photos, Moresco is the ideal village for you. Just like all other villages in Le Marche, it has medieval walls and buildings, but its breath-taking nature is what makes it stand out from the rest. This may be one of the calmest villages in the area, and it’s perfect if you don’t like places that are too touristic. It’s ideal for those that want to experience an authentic Italian lifestyle. You can hang out with locals, learn everything about their way of life and daily rituals, and even go fishing using their traditional methods.


One of the most mysterious things about Treia is its name, whose origin is still unclear. It might be something to do with Earth because the Italian word for Earth – ‘Terra’- is pronounced similarly to the name of the village. But that is not the only mystery. The village was founded before the Christian religion evolved in this part of the world, and in one period Romans were living here together with other nations who had different religions. It’s still possible to see traces of different pagan religions in the decoration of some of the buildings. The village was influenced by different cultures and styles, from medieval architecture to Renessaince and even some neo-classic buildings. However, everything is perfectly blended that you have a feeling that the village was carefully planned centuries ago even though that wasn’t the case.

Top Villages in Le Marche

And this is just a handful of the pretty Le Marche villages that you can visit. The beauty of the region is absolutely unforgettable and it will make you fall in love with it. We cannot wait to hear about your experience here.

The picturesque, standing on top of the hills, villages should be definitely your top priority when coming to Le Marche. While exploring them, be sure that you will find even more hidden gems that even locals don’t know about.