Sibillini National Park: the best hiking trails

The Monti Sibillini National Park offers countless and diversified trekking paths. In all seasons, nature lovers can discover its treasures by hiking or cycling. Trekking in Marche is one of the reasons why we love this region so much. Honestly, we were never into walking long distances. We’ve always preferred taking it easy but the Sibillini walks took our hearts. Now we know that if we want to reach some of the most beautiful spots Le Marche offers, we need to take that long and sweaty walk. Monti Sibillini really offer amazing walking paths, with lots of signs and breath-taking views. So, even if you’re not an expert in hiking and trekking, you will absolutely love the Sibillini National Park

A general overview of Sibillini National Park

The urban paths lead you across the medieval alleys of several towns. To specify, many towns rise on the slopes of the Sibillini mountains. On the other hand, pleasant trails lead you down the mosaic of rural and pastoral paths.

To reach the highest peaks you will need a good pair of shoes, a little bit more attention, but mostly motivation. Suitable equipment will be useful as well but if you don’t have it, you will still make it.

The Sibillini National Park provides entirely marked itineraries. But it’s also possible to rely on the expertise of the official Park Guides. More than anyone else, they can reveal the most hidden secrets. Including the Monte Sibilla and Monte Vettore. Plus, you will enjoy trekking in maximum safety.

Sibilini walks

Sibillini National Park

The Sibillini Mountains are a truly majestic and lovely trekking hotspot in the Marche region. Above all, they remain in the heart of every traveller. So, take care of them. For several reasons, go through them slowly, responsibly, and in solidarity.

The Monti Sibillini National Park is a non-profit public entity. And it is ready to welcome visitors at any time.

Over 80% of the trails are accessible. For one thing, the hiking route map is updated hourly. Besides, the authorities monitor the road conditions to give timely safety bulletins.

Before leaving, I recommend that you keep an eye on the relevant hiking route map. Check the real usability of the hiking trails and the official road system.

If you don’t know any path, rely on expert guides to better enjoy each area of the Sibillini National Park.

Trekking in Marche and the best Sibillini walks

Go from Forca di Presta to the top of Monte Vettore

This is a well-trodden and well-marked route, a must-do! For the brave, the night climb in the company of the stars gives plenty of emotions.

The journey starts from the Forca di Presta pass (at 1550 m or 0,96 mi on sea level). Then, the path leads you through a long walk to the highest peak of the Sibillini Mountains (2476 m or 1,53 mi).

The Tito Zilioli refuge is located 2/3 of the way. Here, you can rest for a while. Also, it is a terrific spot for a night-time view of the landscape.

From there, only the Monte Vettore peak remains. And you cannot miss the top of Monte Vettore. With its particular cross twisted by the wind and bad weather, it will loom above you as you try to reach it. 

My advice is to take this path in the summer. Especially in the early hours of the day to enjoy the unique sight from the top. Roughly, travel time is about three hours for the ascent and two and a half for the descent.

Visit the local Queen. Monte Sibilla

Monte Sibilla has always been wrapped in an aura of legend and mystery. Lore, stories, and real accounts intertwine in this wild and secret place. After all this time, it still remains one of the most magical spots in the Marche region.

The good news is that you can reach the Sibilla crest quickly. In about thirty minutes, you can climb from the Sibilla refuge up to the top.

Anyway, you still start from the Sibilla refuge (1540 m or 0,95 mi above sea level) in this case. Then, you go up to the peak of Monte Sibilla (2173 or 1,53 mi). That means you climb 600 m (0,32 mi) in altitude, almost all on the first stretch. 

In other words, you might find yourself without breath long before you reach the enchanting view from the Sibilla crest. But luckily, you will have plenty of time to catch your breath while looking over the Monti Sibillini National Park panorama.

Marche trekking

From Foce to Lake Pilato

First of all, this is one of the challenging Sibillini walks. The signs say that travel times are approx three to four hours for the ascent and two to three hours for the descent. But, it is not a path to be taken lightly. Anyway, we reached Lago di Pilato in 2h 30min and went back down in 2h.

Starting from the tiny village of Foce (which is incredibly cute), first, you have an easy walk until you reach the forest. This is where it gets a little bit tougher and the climb gets really steep. You will need trekking shoes and a lot of attention while going up. Once you see the last trees of the forest then a marvellous view stretches in front of your eyes. Stop to take a rest and enjoy for a few minutes.

Sibillini National Park

In general, we didn’t want to stop very often as we were trying to get to the lake before the rain started. Before we decided to find Lago di Pilato we read that it was completely dry due to not enough rain and snow. That didn’t stop us as we were sure the walk was still worth it. And it’s true. One of the best decisions we’ve ever made. It was absolutely satisfying doing this walk. The Lake of Pilato is the reason why this path is still a great choice. You will understand once you get there. Another beautiful lakes you would probably appreciate are Lake Fiastra and lake Cingoli near the charming town of Cingoli.

Trekking in Marche will definitely change your perspective about connecting with nature. So, whether you’re a professional hiker or this is the first time you’ve decided to push your limits, you will be amazed by the whole experience. It is so satisfying that you will be looking forward to your next walking adventure.