Senigallia Marche: A top suggestion in le marche

Senigallia, Italy, is a lively seaside town located in the Province of Ancona, the region of Le Marche. The history is visible all over the city, though it’s becoming very modern at the same time. For those who would love to explore it in more than one day, Senigallia’s hotels, bed & breakfast and restaurants are plenty. Senigallia’s beach with its velvet sand is also amazing. Continue reading to see why you should visit Senigallia Italy.

How to get to Senigallia?

Senigallia, Marche, doesn’t have an airport but the closest one is Ancona (17 km). Bigger airports close to the city are Bologna (177 km) and Florence (161.5 km). The city is only 15 min from Ancona by bus. If you are coming from Rome, then you have a choice between train and bus. The train is direct and it takes less time. In fact, that’s your better option. 

What to do in Senigallia?

Senigallia, Italy, is a very lively place. In the same time, if you want to have some peaceful time, you won’t struggle to find it. The beautiful seaside town is not going to allow you to get bored. For this reason, plan your stay in Senigallia so you can enjoy as much as possible.

Bed & breakfast Senigallia

Monuments in Senigallia Marche

The first thing you probably have to visit is the symbol of the city – La Rotonda a Mare. La Rotonda is situated right on Senigallia’s beach. It’s stretching proudly and beautifully from the beach into the water. For the locals, La Rotonda is like a meeting point, entertainment and a symbol of the artistic culture of the city. Walk on the boardwalk towards the Rotonda and enjoy the marvellous view of Senigallia beach.

Another one on the list is Foro Annoario. Hosting fresh fruit and vegetable market every day, the square is very welcoming. Late afternoon you can see people socialising in the little bars. Also, the piazza is beautifully surrounded by the 24 columns with neoclassical brick wall structure. Behind the columns are hiding small shops that offer local wines and food. Foro Annoario, designed in 1834 by Pietro Ghinelli, is definitely another icon of Senigallia, Marche. 

Piazza Garibaldi, or Piazza del Duomo, is one of the most beautiful piazzas that I’ve seen, indeed. It’s a very charming piazza, surrounded by public buildings with an important architectural value. In addition, you will be able to sit on one of the benches situated on the piazza and just enjoy life passing slowly in front of you in Senigallia Marche.

Just on the other side of Piazza Garibaldi are situated Portici Ercolani (Ercolani arcades). Their name comes from Monsignor Giuseppe Ercolani who designed them in the mid of the 18th century. The stone arches, to be more precise 126 of them, are located along the bank of Misa River. They boast plenty of bars where you can sit and enjoy the beautiful architecture. 


La Fenice Archeological site and museum keeps important findings from the Roman Age. You will be delighted to discover remains of an old Roman town – Sena, which is located underground. Along with the town, there are still object from people’s daily life. 

Mastai Palace is a typical example of a noble residence. It’s named after the noble family Mastai which moved to Senigallia Marche and lived there until the beginning of the 20th century. 

Art in Senigallia Italy 

Palazzo del Duca hosts yearly different art exhibitions. For example, one of them is Rinascimento Marchigiano (Renaissance in the Marche region). Another ones, Acque amate and Le realtà del sogno, are art exhibitions not to miss in October and November. 

Events in Senigallia Marche

One of my top events in the city is the International Bread Festival. But, who doesn’t like the smell of freshly-baked bread? Now imagine squares transformed into open-air ovens where the smell is spreading all over the city. The festival is held in September and brings into life one of the most important ingredient on our tables.

Another one, Summer Jamboree represents a week full of concerts, music, fun and dance. Every year, the international festival transforms the streets of beautiful Senigallia into an American atmosphere. Swing and rock&roll music from the 1950s. 

For the beach lovers 

Senigallia’s beach will surprise you with the numerous activities available to everyone. In addition, Senigallia’s beach has been awarded with the prestigious Blue Flag. This award guarantees the quality, service and safety on the beach. 

In fact, the seafront is 13km long. You can enjoy a free public beach or paid amenities. Numerous chalets take care of the food lovers, serving fresh fish and dishes from the region of Le Marche. 

For those who love reading while on the beach, there is a Bibliomobile. It supplies books for free which you return when leaving the beach. 

The Velvet beach, as people call it, is perfect for your little ones as well. The fact that the city is awarded with a Blue Flag makes it child friendly. Moreover, It’s a great place for building sandcastles with the velvet sand. Moreover, when the children want to enjoy the water, you can watch them with a peace of mind. The reason for that is the shallow water near the shore. 

For those who don’t make any exception with their workout activities, the beach has an open gym. It’s completely free to use by the public. 

If you want to visit other beaches during your stay in Le Marche, then visit the Conero Riviera. Some of the most prestigious beaches in the region are located just 40 minutes drive from Senigallia Italy.

Senigallia hotels

Bed & breakfast Senigallia and country houses

Bed & breakfast in Senigallia, Marche, is very common. It boasts some amazing accommodations that will blow your mind with hospitality and elegance. 

One of our favourite is Rosella. An independant house, located near the beach in a very peaceful area. 

The beautiful country houses located in a harmonious oasis and olive trees are another great choice. Swimming pool, sea view, rolling hills, what’s not to like about it?

Senigallia’s hotels are also a great option. If you want to stay in the centre of the city you will find plenty. Surrounded by emblematic buildings, art shops, restaurants and bars – heaven. Senigallia’s accommodation options go even further than this including campsites, residences and hostels.

Bed & breakfast Senigallia

Surroundings of Senigallia Marche

In a maximum of one hour and a half drive, you can visit some other amazing places in the region. Some of them are Urbino, Fermo, Cingoli, Torre di Palme, Sarnano, Ascoli Piceno. The list is much longer. Not to miss mentioning that you also have the Sibillini National Park. This is an incredible range of mountains surrounded by authentic villages. You can easily stay on of the Senigallia’s bed & breakfast and do day trips to these amazing places.

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