Sarnano Italy: One of the prettiest locations in Le Marche

Sarnano Italy

Sarnano, Italy, is a worthwhile destination in the region of Le Marche. Learn more about the region here.

When it comes to Italy, the first places that probably pop to your mind are Venice, Florence, Rome, and Milan. But there’s much more to Italy than the most “traditional” attractions. The whole country has a lot to offer in terms of stunning landscapes, gorgeous towns, art, and museums.

Among the several little towns rich in history and culture, Sarnano, located in the region of le Marche, is one of the prettiest locations in the country. Surrounded by a stunning panorama of hills and woods, Sarnano has well- noticeable Medieval origins, like Cingoli. Walking among the numerous palazzi, brick-buildings, and pretty cobbled streets will make you feel as if you travelled back in time.

Also, for the excellence the town has demonstrated in tourism and hospitality, it was awarded the prestigious Orange Flag from the Italian Touring Club.

Still not convinced? Here’s all you need to know about this charming brick-built town located at the foothills of the Sibillini Mountains.

Sarnano Italy

Things to do in Sarnano, Italy

Despite being quite a small town, with about 3ooo inhabitants, Sarnano has a lot to offer to its visitors.


There are plenty of shops, sidewalk cafes, speciality food stores, and, of course, restaurants. On top of that, every Thursday, you can appreciate the colourful local street market.


The medieval origins of Sarnano, are, as we mentioned, quite apparent. Among the traditional architectural styles of the time, you’ll also find some original buildings, called “case a Ponte”. The name, literally translated as bridged houses, stands for indicating characteristic homes constructed over the lane. They form a bridge that you can cross by passing underneath.

If you are looking for the perfect spot for a picture, or if you want to admire the breathtaking view of the mountains, you should visit the terrace in front of the Santa Chiara church.

History of Sarnano

To learn more about the history and see more of the typical architecture, head to Piazza Alta (the High Square), located at the top of the town. It hosts several stunning sites like the church of Santa Maria Della Piazza, Palazzo Dei Priori, Palazzo Podesta’ and Palazzo del Popolo. The buildings, once seats of power, have been transformed into museums, a performance theatre, and exhibition spaces that are worth visiting.

In case you have limited time at your disposal, ensure you include the church of Santa Maria Assunta. Dedicated to the saint patron of the city, it features stunning works of art, frescos by Lorenzo D’Alessantro, and the beautiful wood carved crucifix by the artist Girolamo di Giovanni.

You might also appreciate the annual event of Castrum Sarnani, a medieval Palio lasting a week during which the town celebrates its origins. The event includes battles of skills, costumed parades, music, local foods, and festivals.


Outdoor activities

But, the activities you can do when visiting Sarnano are not limited to art and culture! If you are into trekking, biking, or horsing, you’ll find plenty of paths in the area. The most adventurous can enjoy some paragliding or even ski outing in the winter. Also, there are some hot springs not so far from the city, where you can soothe your sore muscles after a full day of walking!

The waterfalls of Sarnano

Just a few steps from the historic centre of Sarnano, you can reach the three beautiful waterfalls Cascatelle Perdute. The name literally translates into “the lost waterfalls”. It comes from the fact that for many years these natural wonders were hidden behind the beautiful vegetation, even though in a close distance to the town, but no one has ever found them until this year 2020. The waterfalls are connected by an easy circular path which takes about 30 minutes, depending on how long are your stops at the waterfalls. There are signs everywhere so it’s extremely easy to get around.

Pizzo Meta

The highest peak in the northern sector of the Sibillini Mountains is Mount Pizzo di Meta, at 1576 meters above sea level. It’s about 20 minutes drive from Sarnano. The view from the top is remarkable and accessible to all through several paths and tracks. There’s something for everyone. Mountain lovers will adore the harsh and rocky eastern side. While visitors looking spring-blooming views will appreciate the western part of the mount. The wild orchids blossoming at the end of April are a must!

The mountains are a worthwhile destination all year-round. In the summer, you can appreciate the panorama by engaging in excursions. While in winter, you’ll be able to do some cross-country ski or downhill ski in the districts nearby.

Sarnano Italy

Relax at a spa In Sarnano

Sarnano, Italy, features several mineral water hot springs that are not only great to relax in. Studies show they are also good for your health. Indeed, the hot waters can help in the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of some health conditions. In addition, they can help fighting cellulite problems and improving your skin.

If you are looking to unwind, spend a day or two at the Spa of Sarnano. You won’t regret it!

The Bottom Line

With its postcard-views, delicious restaurants, stunning surrounding nature, and rich history, Sarnano is a worth-visiting destination. Moreover, you will learn about the less- known parts of Italy. Sarnano, Italy, is also included in the association “I Borghi Piu‘ Belli D’Italia“. This is a collection of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Check out all of them here. The town is also in a close distance to some of the beach resorts. My top recommendations are the beaches in the Conero Riviera. Don’t forget to include this charming place on your itinerary!