Visit the Province of Ascoli Piceno

Italy is such a beautiful country! It has it all from its beaches to its mountains, and its wonderous cities, you will want to see it all. But Italy also has many beautiful smaller towns that still display the charm of the Italian culture. One such place is the Ascoli Piceno Province, Le Marche. It’s here where the sights, sounds, and smells define Italy are prominent. 

We will look at everything to do in the Ascoli Piceno province. What to visit, activities, and taste while visiting this elegant place. Once you are done reading this, you will be booking your ticket to visit the Ascoli Piceno province. So, let’s get into everything you need to know about this amazing place. 

Province of Ascoli Piceno

The province of Ascoli Piceno is located almost in the middle of Italy. Hills and mountains surround the diverse province. The fields, farms, and forests that cover this area create a myriad of colours that please anyone’s eyes as they travel here. 

If you come to visit this unique area, you will have a lot to see. You can hike through the Sibillini Mountains, and even go to the beach with a short drive. Whatever you do, come and see the beauty that the Ascoli Piceno province. 

What to visit in the Ascoli Piceno Province

Ascoli Piceno Le Marche

Let’s start with the town of Ascoli Piceno. It may be small, but there is a lot to see and do. The Piazza Arrigo where you can find most of the museums in the town. In fact, it’s the oldest square in Ascoli Piceno Le Marche. 

From the centre, you should see both the State Archaeological Museum and the Pinacoteca Civica. The State Archaeological Museum showcases the ancient tools, structures, and pottery of the past. It is very cool to see the past come alive before your eyes. You feel as if you are transported back in time, seeing all of these ancient wonders. 

The Pinacoteca Civica is a public art gallery. If you are interested in art and want to see the region’s art, then this is the place to be. It holds some works from artists such as Giuseppe Pillezza del Volped and Titan. You won’t want to miss this. 

Museums may not be your thing, and that is ok. This place is more than just that. Cathedrals are very prominent in the Ascoli Piceno province. You should stop by the Santa Maria Intervineas and the Church of San Tommaso. Both are truly amazing and a real treat for any traveler. 


Just half an hour drive from Ascoli Piceno Le Marche you can find the picturesque little village Ripatransone. This is a unique place that has the narrowest alley in Italy. In addition, it prides for great hospitality and endless panoramas. For this reason, Ripatransone is often called “The Belvedere of Piceno”.

Ascoli Piceno Province


Also, you shouldn’t skip visiting Offida in Ascoli Piceno province. The village is included in the association “I Borghi Piu Belli d’Italia”. (The most beautiful villages in Italy)There you can visit the Church of Santa Maria della Roca. A place with special energy. You can find plenty of museums and a well-preserved artisan activity. Merletto (bobbin lace) is an ancient tradition passed from generations to generation. While walking along the narrow alleys you can still see ladies creating this unique art. In addition, if you like the art of merletto, there are plenty of artisan shops where you can purchase some beautiful creations. 

Ascoli Piceno provincia

Sibillini National Park

When you want to connect with nature, you should visit Mt. Ascensione. It’s here where you can enjoy a nice hike up a mountain. Gran Sasso Laga National Park and Sibillini National Park are also nearby. In fact, the Sibillini National Park is a unique range of mountains that will stop your breath. Arrive here at the end of April, beginning of May, and enjoy the colourful hills covered with blossoming orchids. The National Park has numerous walking paths that every hiker would enjoy. One of my favourite is going up to Lago di Pilato (Pilato lake). 

Ascoli Piceno Province

What to do

While spending time in Ascoli Piceno province, you have many artisanal activities to keep you and your whole family occupied. You can create pottery through one of the many classes they hold here. Carving whatever you want out of stones are also available for fun. Have fun at the quarry and create some memories. 

Learn to cook some classic Italian dishes through various cooking classes held in the Ascoli Piceno province. No matter what you do, there is something fun for both you and your family to do.

What to Taste

There are so many dishes to eat while visiting the Ascoli Piceno Provincia. Egg pasta, spaghetti, and soups are some of the main dishes this area has to offer. One of the most prominent dishes of the Ascoli Piceno area is the olive all’ascolana. It a process of filling green Ascolana olives with minced meat, then covered with bread crumbs and deep-fried. I would recommend joining a cooking class for this one because you will really enjoy the art of making the olives. 

The food in the region is tasty and well worth trying. When you visit the Ascoli Piceno province you will not be left hungry.

Why Come to the Ascoli Piceno Province?

Food, fun, and great sights to see are worth the trip to this region of Italy. If you have a chance, you should not pass up an opportunity to experience an amazing place when you are ready to travel, come and see the wonders of the Ascoli Piceno Provincia.