Property for sale in Le Marche better choice than Tuscany?

Property for sale le marche

Are you looking for properties for sale in Le Marche, Italy? Do you find yourself in a position where you’re not sure whether you’re in the right direction? Then, keep reading and you will understand why these days Le Marche properties could be a better option than those in Tuscany. 

We all know how beautiful Tuscany is. It’s one of the places that every tourist wants to visit when they come to Italy. And that’s great. But, when we talk about buying a dream home in Italy, a lot of factors come into place. We want our property to be in a beautiful area, in a medieval village or a lively town, close to the sea, or close to the mountains. Any of these factors come along with a cost. Not in Le Marche.

About the region 

The region of Le Marche is as diverse and beautiful as its neighbours. Let’s admit, Tuscany and Umbria have been shadowing the region for many years. But if you’re looking for properties for sale in Le Marche, you’re just on time because the interest for the region is growing.

Le Marche has so much to offer for those looking to experience traditional Italian culture without the tourist mass. The region has preserved for you some of the most beautiful medieval villages in Italy. In addition, if you want to lay down on the beach and an hour later you want to hike in the mountains, you can do this without leaving the region. 

Le Marche has beautiful beaches and most of them own a Blue Flag for being environmentally clean. Moreover, the Sibillini Mountains, which lay on the west part of the region are just a short drive from wherever you are. Perfect in the summer for beautiful walks among the blossoming poppies and wild orchids. While in the winter, affordable ski slopes and beautifully covered in snow rolling hills. 

Wherever you are in the region you will notice how proudly the medieval towns stand on top of the hills. In addition, they also pride themselves for great hospitality, outstanding cuisine and rich history. 

Can you imagine all this but without tourists strolling around? Without over-priced restaurants and grocery shops. This is Le Marche! And that’s why Le Marche properties are a great investment at the moment. 

What properties for sale in Le Marche, Italy, can you find?


Farmhouses are some of the most wanted Marche properties. As in Tuscany, Le Marche offers villas buried among vegetation and accessible via a hidden path. In the same time, just a short distance from the town. However, they come in a much lesser cost than those in Tuscany. 

The region prides itself for several types of farmhouses and one of them is for sure your dream home. Beautifully restored houses with panoramic view, sea view, historical centres. Or, maybe in the countryside, surrounded by vineyards and wineries. The choices are limitless. 

The properties for sale in Le Marche countryside are surrounded by the beautiful nature that covers the region. Wonderful houses built on the hills with views over the valley like those in Cingoli. Or, those close to Sarnano, which you can find in a private area with massive agricultural land to grow your own vegetation. 


Seaside houses for sale in Le Marche

If you’ve always dreamt about living by the beach or you have lived and you want to keep it this way, the region offers some very affordable properties that are irresistible. Le Marche properties for sale with sea view are very easy to find. One of the most beautiful areas of the region with sea views is Conero Riviera. An absolutely outstanding Natural park with some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy. The area is popular for Italian people which is another reason why you should consider looking for a property for sale in Le Marche, Italy. 

Along with farmhouses, the stunning riviera offers any other kind of properties which come with a price much cheaper than those in Tuscany. Some of the most beautiful places are Sirolo, Numana and Portonovo with a dream sea view. With slightly cheaper options come places like Civitanova Marche, Grottammare, Senigallia

Urban Le Marche properties to be restored

If you are looking for property with strategic position and good quality structure that you want to restore to your own taste, look no more. Places like Sarnano in the Sibillini Mountains, San Ginesio or Loro Piceno offer some antic homes where the beauty is integrated inside and outside. In fact, It will amaze you that the price of such properties is less than 50,000 euros. 

Historic houses for sale in Le Marche

Historic noble houses are located in the medieval towns in Le Marche. These are places with rich history, mind-blowing stories and legends and hospitable people. One of them is Gradara. This is a unique village that immediately transfers you to Roman times. A village where love, passion and betrayal dominated in the past. Another one, Ascoli Piceno in the Province of Ascoli Piceno is a great choice for a property in the historic centre. The town is famous for its 100 towers from the past and it has one of the most beautiful main square in Italy. 

In addition, Fermo, Urbino, Offida and Ripatransone are another great choice if you’re looking for a Renaissance-style home. Another reason why Le Marche is often called “the new Tuscany”. It keeps some the best Renaissance art collections in Europe. 

Why should look for a property for sale in Le Marche instead of Tuscany?

Overall, The region of Le Marche has everything that Tuscany has but with two major differences. First, it’s not a popular destination for tourists. Hence, you will really enjoy your dream home in a peaceful and friendly environment. And second, the cost of the Le Marche properties is half of those that you find in Tuscany. The fact that people haven’t found Le Marche yet, is the reason why this is the best time to invest in a property here and look for houses for sale Le Marche.