Portonovo Marche: the heart of conero riviera

Portonovo Le Marche in Italy is a true paradise which will make you feel like you’re standing in a postcard. It’s immersed in the Conero Park and covered by beautiful vegetation. The colour of the beaches in Portonovo contrasts with the greenery of the mountains and form this oasis where you forget about everything. 

Portonovo Bay is perfect for those who would like to use beach facilities or prefer the completely unspoiled part of it. 

Which is the best Portonovo beach

Without a doubt, the Bay of Portonovo Italy is one of the most popular sights of Conero Riviera. Surrounded by vegetation, the bay will fascinate you with its crystal clear water and white pebbly beaches. 

In addition, the Portonovo beaches offer plenty of restaurants, water activities and bathing establishments. They are easily accessible, with parking at the bottom of the Portonovo, or if you prefer using the free parking, then you can park at the top and enjoy a beautiful walk down. 

Portonovo Marche

The Mezzavalle beach

You can reach Mezzavalle when coming on the Conero road from Numana. Park your car at the top and continue by foot along the trail down. It takes around 30 minutes to reach the beach. 

Mezzavalle is a long, white sandy beach which has a shape of a sword. It’s very unspoiled and it’s a free bathing zone, which makes it extremely attractive. It’s perfect for relaxing as it never feels overcrowded. The beach is also a large natural reserve for the local mussels, called moscioli. A true jewel of the Adriatic coast, indeed.

La Vela beach

Located in the South Bay of Portonovo Le Marche, La Vela beach is perfect if you enjoy snorkelling and diving. Also, for those who prefer some privacy. 

The name of the beach means “The sail” and it comes from a rock which is shaped as a sail. 

The Trave beach

This is a wild, sandy beach. At some point in the afternoon the beach is in the shadow of Monte Conero. For this reason, it’s better to arrive there early in the morning so you can enjoy a beautiful day on this unspoiled beach. 

The symbol of Il Trave is the long natural rock which is a home to the delicious mussels of Portonovo. 

The beach is also popular for its clay which people use for mud baths. 

Things to see in Portonovo Marche Italy

Chiesa Santa Maria 

This enchanting little town is also home to the church of Santa Maria, a Romanesque treasure dating back to the 11th century and very well preserved. Locals describe it as an oasis of peace. 

Torre de Bosis

Torre de Bosis is a watcher in the Bay of Portonovo Italy overlooking the sea. In fact, the name comes from the poet Adolfo De Bosis who was using it as a place for meditation. 

Today the tower is open to the public only for cultural events and it’s one of the most characteristic structures of the Conero Riviera. 

The lakes in Portonovo Le Marche

Lago Grande and Lago Profondo are unique creations of nature. Their origin comes from the formation of Portonovo Bay which happened by a massive landslide coming from the cliffs. Because of vegetation, covering the formation, now the two lakes are home to many species. 

Unfortunately, the size of the lakes has significantly reduced since the tourism development in the area started growing. Despite the small size of the lakes, the birds still manage to find food and survive. 

Portonovo Marche
Lago Profondo

Portonovo Bay and its mussels

You cannot leave this paradise unless you’ve tasted the local mussels (moscioli). Even those whose first choice is not seafood, they truly fall in love with them. 

The Conero mussels are so popular that there is even a summer festival (Mosciolando) dedicated to them. 

The fishermen love eating the freshly caught mussels without any seasoning or just adding a bit of garlic, oil, parsley and pepper. Eating mussels in Portonovo is all about tasting the sea and the algae. 

Portonovo Marche

Portonovo Marche Italy is definitely a place you should visit when coming to the Conero Riviera. The Riviera is, in fact, one of the most beautiful sights of the region. Experience a relaxing summer holiday, surrounded by Italian families, a lot of culture and great food.