Offida Marche: the city of smiles and wine tasting

Offida Marche, Italy, is located in the Province of Ascoli Piceno (12 km). It is part of the association “I Borghi piu belli d’Italia” (The most beautiful villages in Italy). In fact, for a good reason. With its 13th century church, good wine, smiley locals and art, Offida Le Marche is one of a kind. 

How to get to Offida, Italy 

The village is located in the southern part of Le Marche. For this reason, it’s closer to the airport of Abruzzo, Pescara. It will take you about 2 hrs with changing train and bus. Since Pescara has a small airport, the connection with abroad is not so good. Thus, your better option would be to fly to Rome Fiumicino. From there you can take a bus or a train but it will take a little bit longer. 

Offida Italy

Things to do in the village

Visit Church Santa Maria della Roca. This is a special place with a special energy. The church, standing at the edge of Offida Le Marche, has survived many mines in the past. And yet, still standing proudly. The interior of the church is made of plain stone walls which are absolutely fascinating. In the chapel is a banner with the miracle of the Virgin Mary, who stopped the plague by moving her eyes. 

De Castellotti Palace Museum Pole. The museum is located inside De Castellotti building. The display of the materials in the museum are arranged in a simple way. This way, you can easily understand the background of each object. The museum includes different section. One of them is an ancient kitchen with its typical utensils. Also, you will get to know more about the agriculture and the handicrafts, models of the artisan shops. In addition, you can observe the weaving machines that were used to make clothes in Offida Le Marche.

Offida Le Marche

Tradition in Offida Italy

Bobbin lace is a handmade lace. More precisely, the terms bobbin lace making indicate both the product itself and the instrument used to make it. Trained experts create elegant and ladylike lace using only high-quality cotton threads. For the most part, it entails a lot of skill, practice, and self-control.

Offida Marche is famous for the laborious and patient art of bobbin lace making. To define it only as a hobby would be reductive. In fact, it is an ancient tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation. For at least five centuries! You can start the tour of this enchanting town by admiring the endless work of wooden spindles in the agile hands of the lace makers.

Wine Tasting Italy Tours in Offida

Offida Le Marche offers one of the most enchanting wine tasting Italy can deliver. In this area, you will find suitable wines to accompany sweet or savoury foods. But beware. Once you start to indulge yourself, there is no turning back!

In fact, you can choose among three official Offida wines: 

Wine tasting Italy

Of course, these wines come with the Offida controlled and guaranteed designation of origin certificate. They are expressions of a territory that best enhances the potential of native vines, such as Pecorino and Passerina.

And what better place to taste them than the regional wine shop? Here, meetings are continuously organized. To specify, experts in the sector guide the participants to special tasting sessions. Especially the ones that offer the combination of wines and other typical products. For example, local cheeses, meats, sweets, and bread. Plus, they organize courses for aspiring sommeliers. As well as conferences and cultural events. 

On these occasions, you can spot the best regional brands of the Marche. From many wineries, many wines come for the joy of the participants. Not only do you enjoy the possibility of tasting wines and typical local products, but also sit back and relax. All this while you enjoy an entire wine tasting Italy tour without having the leave the room.

Offida is home to one of the two regional wine shops in the Marche. For the sake of completeness, the other one is at Jesi.

Typical food in Offida Marche

The quality of the food in Offida belongs to the Marche cuisine. Eating in the village is very cheap and you can find all the typical dishes for the region. Some of the things you should definitely try are the cremini (fried custard), tagliatelle with liver, stewed beans with pigskin, and mixed grilled meat. 

The typical specialty in Offida Italy is “Li Taccù”. These are noodles cooked in broth, or, dry with tomato sauce. Also, “Ncipp nciapp”, which is rabbit in sauce and “Chichì Ripieno” (the tastiest focaccia ever). 

“Funghetti” is a genuine product from Offida. It’s a very simple cake made of water, anise, sugar and flour. The recipe has been handed from generation to generation. 

Where to stay 

In offida you will stumble upon numerous Bed & Breakfast and some hotels, as well. 

Located in the historic centre is the B&B DIMORA NEL BORGO. It is an elegant and intimate renovated accommodation that is only a few steps from Piazza del Popolo. 

In addition, you can have a look at Offida del Pozzo, or, Hotel Caroline

Local stories 

The stories tell the tale of the origins of Offida. In detail, they say that people from Asia Minor founded Offida during the stone age. To be precise, the Pelasgians would have landed on an Adriatic beach first. More exactly, in the place where the present Marano would rise many centuries later.

In the Marche, you can find many riveting municipalities. As a historic town, Offida is one of them. It is rich in history, culture, and food and wine delights. For one thing, the old town is a symbol of its past. 

Among the most impressive sites of interest, Santa Maria della Rocca stands on a cliff. From a distance, you can clearly see the bell tower and the rectangular structure of the building. Approaching a long and not very flat staircase, the apses with an imposing octagonal shape arise.

Everywhere you stroll, you can sense a subtle dimension hidden within the streets of Offida Italy. Maybe, it is the smile of the local women who work the bobbin lace. You know, a smile of a generous and welcoming nature. 

At times, you hear the joyful giggle of food and wine tasting. Or you see that flashy grin that permeates the entire carnival period. Especially the one that infects citizens and tourists of all ages. And finally, the abundant cultural events enthral you and complete the pleasant, medieval atmosphere.