The perfect 5 days itinerary in Le Marche Italy

5 days itinerary in Le Marche

Are you looking for a perfect 5 days itinerary in Le Marche? Here is our Le Marche guide made through our eyes especially for those who have never been here.

The region of Le Marche is spectacular in its own way. It offers so much that I am pretty sure that these 5 days won’t satisfy you and you will be back. 

But first, why do you have to visit the Central Italian region Le Marche? Falling in love with this part of Italy is not difficult at all. Its mesmerizing beauty, friendly people, unique food recipes, artisan arts, and much more will blow your mind.

The beauty of Le Marche is that you can reach the best places in the region within an hour. It’s a place that has gathered everything in Italy in a nearly 10,000 km piece of land. 

Moreover, Le Marche has very mild weather which makes it a pleasant place to visit in any season. Of course, you won’t be able to lay down on the beach and get tanned, but you will definitely enjoy warmer days here than in other Italian regions. So why not pay less for skiing compared to other ski resorts in Italy?

5 days itinerary in Le Marche

So, here is a perfect Le Marche itinerary in just 5 days:

  • Day 1 – Urbino, Gradara
  • Day 2 – Conero Riviera
  • Day 3 – Frasassi Caves, Ancona
  • Day 4 – Loreto, Torre di Palme
  • Day 5 – Ascoli Piceno, Offida

The 5 days itinerary, in Le Marche, we created for you is made of some of the most spectacular places to visit. It starts from the north of the region going down to the south. It’s a realistic itinerary that is very easy to achieve. 

You can change the order of the places depending on how you arrive in the region. If you arrive by plane, it means you will land in Ancona. Then it would be better if your trip starts from there. You can day head south and go up north. 

Your day 1 of Le Marche itinerary

Your first day of your 5 days itinerary in Le Marche starts from the north of the region, Province of Pesaro and Urbino. 


Urbino is one of our favorite places in the region. It’s packed with positive vibes. Moreover, there is so much to do that you will have to decide what your priority is. Thus, you will be able to get the best out of this picturesque city. 

Urbino is famous for its turreted Ducal Palace, Rafael’s house, and the neoclassical Urbino Cathedral. In addition, the city is also one of the most important gems from the Renaissance.

The Ducal Palace is well worth your visit. This piece of Renaissance architecture gives you a sense of the sophistication of Duke Federico. In the magnificent Palace, you can see even Federico’s private apartment which is absolutely impressive to admire. 

If you want to see this piece of art from far, then head to Parco della Resistenza. An absolutely stunning open area where people usually gather to enjoy the view or just to socialize. 

The park is located in the upper part of the old part of Urbino. It is undoubtedly the best place to admire the fantastic view of the city and the surroundings. 

After getting the most out of Urbino head towards Gradara. It’s another impressive place to visit in Le Marche that will astonish you.


Gradara is situated near the coast and it’s only 40 minutes drive from Urbino. And, I hope I can describe the beauty of Gradara with few words. You just have to visit and see it for yourself.

Without a doubt, the most special place in Gradara is the castle! The moment you walk into the drawbridge above you are back in medieval times.

Book a tour to explore the inside of the castle and listen to the tragic love story of Paolo and Francesca. You can read the story here. The rooms of the castle are perfectly preserved. The castle itself is a symbol of tragedy, torture, love, and betrayal. And absolutely stunning place which you cannot miss. 

Have a meal in one of the cute restaurants while enjoying the unique architecture from medieval times. If you would like to spend the night in Gradara, here you can find some accommodations which are a mixer of charm and tradition. 

Day 2 of your Le Marche itinerary 

Conero Riviera

Your second day in Le Marche will be mostly spent by the beach. This is the Conero Riviera. We preferred not to combine it with any other place to visit in the same day. Why?

Conero Riviera is one of the most beautiful and diverse places in the region of Le Marche. It offers you the most stunning beaches on the Adriatic Coast. In addition, some of the most picturesque towns with absolutely amazing sea views. 

Here you have plenty of places and beaches to visit. If you prefer to stay on one of them, it will be difficult to say which one. The area is covered by the Conero National Park. Thus, in the afternoon expect the sun to hide behind the beautiful rocks covered with greenery. 

Sirolo and Numana should be probably your first choices here. You can access the towns from the main road. Have a stroll, have an aperitif in one of the cute restaurants, or maybe, have one of your best fish lunches. 

From the top of both towns you can reach the beaches once you start walking down. Hiding behind the trees, some glimpses of beauty reveal from time to time. You will then find yourself stopping every 2 minutes to take a photo. 

One of the beaches that we highly recommend is Le due Sorelle (The two sisters). This beach is only accessible by boat which takes you there in the morning and the last boat is in the afternoon. It’s a place out of this world. Definitely worth your visit. 

In addition, the beaches of Portonovo should be on your list as well. This secluded paradise is famous for its mussels. The mussels grow on the reef of Portonovo and are famous for their salty taste. What’s even more interesting is that the fishermen here prefer eating them without adding any seasoning. This way, you taste the freshness of the mussel, the smell of the seaweed.. priceless! 

Day 3 in the region of Le Marche

After exploring some of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic Coast, it’s time to see the capital of Le Marche, Ancona. 


The city the biggest in Le Marche. But, that doesn’t mean that you will feel it. Ancona has a beautiful historic center, which is packed with places to visit and it’s super relaxing. It also has a very charming beach, Passetto, where locals head to sunbathe in their spare time. 

 Quite often people underestimate Ancona because of the fact that it’s a port city. Despite its transport connections and ferries, Ancona offers a lot more to the tourists. 

The absolutely beautiful side of Ancona are the Roman arches, Romanesque churches, long history and Renaissance palaces. In addition, the city is packed with parks, lively boulevards and mouth-watering aperitifs with the best Spritz and nibbles. 

Some of the places to start with are Piazza della Repubblica, Arco di Traiano, Piazza del Plebiscito and Monumento ai Caduti. 

Frasassi Caves

Just one hour from Ancona, when you feel that you need something more relaxing and spectacular, you have Frasassi Caves.

Frasassi Caves (Grotte di Frasassi) are one of the most famous caves in Italy. They are situated 7km south of municipality of Genga.

In 2020, on Christmas Day, Andrea Bocelli enchanted not only Italians, but the whole world, by presenting some of the most beautiful Christmas songs inside the caves. 

Day 4 in beautiful Le Marche

Two very special places are our suggestion on your 4th day in Le Marche – Loreto and Torre di Palme.


This small town is the spiritual part of Le Marche. In fact, it’s incredible how such a small place brings thousands of people each year from around the world. Loreto is one of the world’s most popular Catholic pilgrimage sites. 

It stands proudly on top of a hill, therefore, you will be able to see the dome of the Sanctuario della Santa Casa from miles. 

Torre di Palme

Torre di Palme is another special place that you have to visit in Le Marche. It’s situated few minutes from the beautiful Porto San Giorgio. In addition, the view from its panoramic spots is absolutely stunning. You can clearly see the beaches of Marina Palmense and Porto San Giorgio. 

Torre di Palme is small but it also brings thousands of visitors each year. Although, it never ever feels crowded. Walking around the cobbled, narrow streets you will find a lot of artisan shops and small cafes. In addition, restaurants with typical food from the region and a view to die for. It’s one of the Le Marche villages that cannot be missed!

Your last day of your Le Marche adventure

For your last day, we left two places in the south of the region. An absolute must are Ascoli Piceno and Offida. 

Ascoli Piceno

The city was announced as the place to live in Italy. People also know it as the city of 100 towers. In Ascoli Piceno you will experience an authentic Italian life and one of the top specialties typical for the region of Le Marche. 


Offida is famous for lace making. It’s an art that has been transferred from generation to generation. There is also a dedicated lace museum where you can admire the art. If you see old ladies sitting on the porch of their home and doing something which you have never seen before, it’s bobbin lace.

And here your perfect 5 days itinerary in Le Marche, Italy, ends. We wish you an amazing holiday in this authentic and stunning region. 

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