Which are the best Le Marche beaches?

Le Marche, Italy, is well-known for having some of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic coast. They are situated in the Conero National Park and just half an hour drive from Ancona airport. Sirolo and Numana are two of the best Le Marche beaches to visit for your summer vacation. For this reason, it will be difficult to say whether Sirolo or Numana is more attractive. If you visit both, that’s even better.


Numana, which lies on the Southern foot of Monte Conero, is a small jewel that makes everyone fall in love with it. A whole 94% of this colourful place is part of the Conero National Park. This picturesque town immediately transfers you to a world of silence and peace. In fact, during lunchtime, the only thing you will hear is just the sound of cutlery and plates from the restaurants.

Visit the main square of Numana Alta called Piazza del Santuario. Any direction that you take brings you to a new marvellous scenery. Before that, take 15 minutes of your time to enjoy the view over the square from one of the cute coffee places situated there. Have a bite of a homemade croissant or a freshly squeezed juice made with seasonal fruits.

Numana beaches

Make sure you visit Arco di Torre which is the symbol of Numana town. In the XVIII it was a referent point for the arriving boats. After a strong earthquake in 1930, only an arc’s left from the tower. In fact, from there you will have one of the most beautiful views of the Adriatic coast.

The beaches in Numana are definitely on top of the list when talking about the Marches beaches. They are awarded a blue flag which means that the water is exceptionally clean and good for the environment. This pearl of the Adriatic coast is also child-friendly. The Conero beaches are compact with little pebbles, overlooking the National Park, in addition, they offer a lot of water sports. The walk down to these unique Marche, Italy beaches will make you stop a hundred times and take a deep breath and admire unreal scenery.

Riviera del Cornero

Have you ever heard of “Tartadays” on the Riviera del Conero? In July and August, you can participate in releasing rescued turtles into the sea from the fishing village of Numana. The boat will usually take you to a beach which is not accessible to the public and there they will release the turtles. Make sure you book this activity if you’re going at this time of the year.

Sirolo Le Marche

Sirolo is another hidden jewel in the Conero Riviera. Known mostly by Italian people, this pretty medieval town used to be a castle. Now, still preserving its medieval-looking houses and piazzas, the town is full of family-owned restaurants and ice cream shops, little boutiques and art shops.

A walk around the town doesn’t take much of your time but it will fill you with so much positive energy. This is a place which you definitely have to visit on the Adriatic Coast. It is just magical.

Sirolo Le Marche

A 10 minutes walk down from the main square of the town will take you to one of the best of the Marches beaches in Sirolo – Spiaggia Urbani. Visited only by locals, Urbani is a pebbled beach hidden behind the limestone rocks and pine trees. The beach is perfect if you’re looking for a quiet hideaway among Italian families.

Numana beaches

Some of the beaches in Le Marche, Italy, are only accessible by boat. One of them is Le Due Sorelle (The two sisters). The names comes from the two big rocks emerging from the sea and facing the Riviera del Conero.

If you want to get to Le Due Sorelle you have to take a boat from Numana or Sirolo. The boat starts its trips early in the morning and the last one that brings you back to the fishing village is at 3 pm. When the sun starts going down, the beach is under the shadow of the massive, white rocks.

There is a way you can see this amazing beach from the top of the hill. In order to get there, you will need to take a short walking trip of around 40 minutes (one way). The scenic walk is called “Passo del Lupo”. Walking through the pine trees you will discover some hidden views over the Adriatic Coast. Walk to the end of the path and you will find the majestic Le Due Sorelle beach. Sit down and enjoy the marvellous view from the top, making you feel like you’re on top of the world.

Sirolo beach

Do you agree that we can easily call Sirolo and Numana the pearls of the Adriatic?

Riviera del Conero is really full of surprises, indeed. It’s just a place that you have to visit when you come to Le Marche. Beautiful exotic destinations which are great for a taste of real Italian culture and relaxing holiday.

These are, in our opinion, the most beautiful beaches in Le Marche. Easily accessible on the lush Riviera del Conero, these places will definitely make you fall in love.