Gradara Italy: love, passion, betrayal and tragedy

Gradara Italy is situated 142 metres above sea level in the north of the region of Le Marche. It is near the border of Emilia-Romagna. In addition, it is only a few kilometres from the Adriatic Coast. The Gradara Castle, Italy, is the main attraction which stands on top of the hill with a beautiful panoramic view. 

How to get to Gradara Le Marche?

Gradara Marche is in a good connection with five big airports. The closest one is the one in Rimini which is only 25 min drive. Your second-best option would be Le Marche airport in Ancona which is 50 min drive. In addition, Bologna airport is 1 hr 30 min drive. And, Florence is 2 h 30 min from Gradara Italy. Your last option is Rome but the drive is around 4 hours. Thus, you have plenty of choices to arrive and admire the beautiful Gradara Castle, Italy. In case you don’t want to drive in Italy, the public transport is great. Trains and buses are available daily from any of these airports. 

Things to do in Gradara Italy

Gradara Le Marche

Gradara Castle, Italy

This is, without a doubt, one of the most visited monuments in the region of Le Marche.   Also, it is perfectly preserved keeping in mind that its construction has begun in the 12th century. 

The path towards the entrance of the Gradara castle starts from the dominating XII Century Tower. In fact, from this moment you immediately transfer yourself to medieval times, so prepare to learn a lot. 

Since the castle was built, many noble families have left their trace inside. Each room represents a mixture of feelings – betrayal, passion, intrigues and tragedies. 

It’s a must!

The tragedy of Paolo and Francesca in Gradara Marche

This is a story you definitely have to hear about. In fact, it was one of the rooms in The Fortress Paolo and Francesca’s tragedy took place. The love story has inspired many writers, artists and painters including Dante. The writer praised the love couple and their betrayal in his Canto V. Read below the whole story about Paolo and Francesca. 

The Ramparts Walk

It allows you to admire the rolling hills of Le Marche and the Adriatic Coast. It is 300 metres long with fascinating watch-towers and breathtaking panoramas. Transfer yourself again into the medieval atmosphere and feel how soldiers were walking on the same path to protect the Fortress of Gradara, Le Marche. 

Historical Museum of Gradara Italy

The museum shows so much of the history of the castle and its surroundings. It keeps unique antic objects and armour. In fact, they represent the tortures in that part of time. Also, you will get a good impression of how farmers lived before the World War II. Indeed, impressive experience you shouldn’t miss. Guided tours are available in different languages and require paid admission. 

The story of Paolo and Francesca

Gradara Le Marche is famous for the tragic love story between the two young lovers who were fiercely killed. 

In 1275 Francesca da Polenta married the son of Malatesta da Verucchio, Giovanni. Giovanni was a magistrate in Pesaro. Therefore, he was not allowed to take his family due to the law in those days. However Francesca decided to stay in Gradara, Italy. Due to the absence of her husband she welcomed the visits of his brother Paolo. He was handsome, romantic and a winning nature. 

Francesca had fallen instantly in love with Paolo. Therefore, they continued their story in a period of 10 years. 

Finally, like any other beautiful love story, this one had finished with a tragedy as well. One day Giovanni found the couple in one of the rooms in Gradara castle. Francesca, trying to save Paolo’s live, throws herself in front of the Giovanni’s sword. Hence, she was fatally stabbed. In despair of killing his wife, Giovanni then stubbed also Paolo. And just like that, the love story between both had ended forever. 

After writing this story, it’s difficult to continue with rest about Gradara, Italy. But you definitely have to listen to the story while anticipating one of the guided tours provided every day. 

Special Events 

Gradara d’Amare

Celebrate Valentine’s day in the most romantic village in the region. At sunset, Gradara Le Marche turns into a beautiful hidden gem lit only by candles. Experience the footsteps of Paolo and Francesca while surrounded by 2000 hearts. In addition, you will be able to witness a unique fire and drums show. The three days of celebration love are perfect for those looking for some romance. Make sure you accompany your emotions in one of the candlelit restaurants. 

Christmas in Gradara Castle Italy

Every year around Christmas Gradara fills its alleys with craft markets, music and lights. Find a perfect Christmas gift, enjoy romantic lunch and dinner. Warm yourself up with some mulled wine and chestnuts while enjoying the festive decoration and entertainment. 

Gradara Wine Passion

Are you a wine lover and you appreciate trying local wines? Then head to Gradara Italy in mid-August and taste local wines from the village of passion. The event is purely dedicated to the knowledge of wine and love during the medieval times. Artisan winemakers gather from all over Italy to show the quality of their wines. You will be able to purchase if you like. Wine is even better when accompanied by good local food. The restaurants serve themed menus and street food from the region of Le Marche. 

Eating in Gradara

The medieval village boasts plenty of restaurants. From pizzerias, taverns, snacks and bars to restaurants offering full meals. Besides, the typical products are present in each dish. They are definitely seasoned with great hospitality and romantic atmosphere. 

Where to stay 

Considering its small size, Gradara Le Marche offers some unique accommodations to make your stay in the village even more pleasant. 

Top choice, just 100 meters from Gradara castle Italy is situated the Terra di Gradara. A beautiful elegant residency surrounded by olive groves and vineyards. The residency is fully equipped so you can pamper yourselves in and around the elegant accommodation. Spa, refined rooms, pool, greenery and silence will help you experience an unforgettable break. 

The surroundings 

The medieval village is surrounded by some other beautiful locations you might be interested in visiting. Some of them are Pesaro, Fano and Urbino. Also, you can get a deeper look into the culture of the region in some of the small villages around. Wherever you stroll, you will find kind people, good food and amazing nature. 

In addition, just one hour drive from Gradara, you will find the most beautiful beaches in Le Marche. Those are part of the Conero Riviera – a place of an outstanding nature.