Fermo Marche: Everything you need to know

The picturesque town of Fermo, Le Marche, is located along the Adriatic Coast. Its connection to the main cities in the region is very good. If you are arriving from abroad, your option will be to fly to Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport. Then, drive or take a connecting flight to Ancona. These are the closest airports to Fermo, Italy. You can also reach the town by train but not direct and it will take a little bit longer.

The heart of the Province of Fermo is the city Fermo located in Le Marche. Fermo, Italy, is embraced by captivating nature. Its ancient name was Firmum Picenum and it used to be a Latin colony. The city has some beautiful sites to visit and interesting things to do no matter what your tastes are. 

Fermo Marche

Sites that you cannot miss in Fermo Marche

Piazza del Popolo (Popolo Square)

This is definitely the very heart of the Italian city of Fermo. It is a magnificent square full of cute, authentic bars and restaurants. Piazza del Popolo is made of collonaded municipality buildings and palaces. It lightens beautifully in the evening where you can enjoy an aperitif or dinner surrounded by Renaissance architecture. 

Duomo di Fermo Marche (Fermo Cathedral)

A spectacular Gothic cathedral which is the main historical building of Fermo, Italy. It is the highest part of the town so there is no way not to see it. In 1227 the Duomo was completely reconstructed by Giorgio de Como, creating Romanesque and Gothic elements. 

Villa Vitali open-air theatre 

The city of Fermo, Le Marche, is famous for its musical heritage. For this reason, Villa Vitali theatre is represented every year by the “Villa in Vita-Fermo Festival”. Villa Vitali is an architectural jewel which gathering numerous international artists and turning the city into a prestigious cultural spot. 

The Civic Library of Fermo Marche

The library is open to the public and it keeps more than three centuries of history. Its symbol is the outstanding globe with a diameter of 2 meters. The library is an absolute piece of art that immediately transfers you to the 16th century. 

Palazzo dei Priori 

When approaching Piazza del Popolo, The Palazzo dei Priori is the first majestic building that will appear in front of your eyes. With its double staircase leading to an entrance and a bronze statue of Sisto V standing proudly in the middle. 

Things to do in Fermo 

The museums of Fermo, Marche, are an absolute must when visiting the city. There are options to book a guided tour. That would be the best way to learn everything about the history and culture of Fermo. 

Fermo is surrounded by beautiful rolling hills which makes it a perfect place for producing excellent wine. For this reason, visitors are always attracted by a guided vineyard walk and wine tasting. 

Or why not combine your favourite wine from the cellar with an authentic dinner from the region of Marche? Not far from Fermo you can experience an unforgettable dinner in the vineyards among the smell of grapes, local food and Italian hospitality.

Fermo Le Marche

Food in Fermo Marche

Every year Fermo hosts the popular festival TIPICITA’ which perfectly represents the identity of the region. You will be delighted to experience the quality food made by artisan producers with locally grown products. 

If you don’t happen to be in the area during the festival, Fermo doesn’t lack quality restaurants, especially those on Piazza del Popolo. Our favourite place for pizza is Flow Pizza and Birra. You will be served the pizza in a takeaway box. Wait, did you already start looking for another place to eat? Don’t, because this pizza is the best that I’ve had so far. Combine it with an artisan Italian brewed beer and surrounded by the majestic architecture. Priceless!

Would you like a quality pair of shoes?

Truly, you’re in the right location. The province of Fermo produces some of the most famous Italian brands shoes. Have you heard of Loriblu, Nero Giardini or Tod’s? In fact, this is just a small part of the quality shoe producers that you can find in the area. Also, you can even book a guided tour which explains the whole process of making the shoes. Or, buy one for yourself from the outlet on site. 

Shopping in Fermo

Well, that’s a solved problem. As soon as you arrive in the historical centre of Fermo, Le Marche, you will have plenty of choices to spend some cash. The city boasts from small artisan shops to quality Italian boutiques. 

Let’s not forget my favourite food shops that sell local food. If you come from abroad make sure you bring an empty suitcase so you can fill it up with some goodies. 

The surroundings of Fermo Italy 

Fermo is in close distance from some of the most spacious and beautiful beaches on the Adriatic Coast. For example, you can visit Porto San Giorgio. A beautiful town that has received a blue flag for an environmentally friendly beach. 

Or you prefer a more secluded and unspoiled beach? Then head to Marina Palmense. Crystal clear water, pebbles and rolling hills in the background, you will fall in love with it, indeed.

One of the most beautiful villages in Le Marche, Torre di Palme, is situated just a few minutes drive from Fermo. 

If you’re looking for fresh mountain air and hiking, for instance, Sibillini Mountains are just an hour and a half drive from Fermo, Le Marche. 

Staying in Fermo

Fermo offers some amazing hotels, private apartments, or rural villas and country homes outside the city. 

In the heart of the old town you will find an outstanding villa with beautiful garden for a perfect holiday – Villa Vinci Fermo

Also, Villa Lattanzi, built on top of a hill and overlooking the Adriatic Coast. In fact, these are just a handful of the authentic accommodation choices in the area of Fermo. 

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