Discover Le Marche

The region of Le Marche in Italy is as diverse as it is beautiful. In under 10,000 square kilometres you have all sorts of lovely landscapes that will tug at your heartstrings. Including fields of sunflowers, green hills, parks, forests, the azure blue of the rivers, the lakes, the sea, along with rich traditions, folklore and culture.


With almost 200 km of coastline and over 26 sea resorts overlooking the Adriatic Sea, this beautiful region offers all types of fun you could ever want. Beautiful beaches covered in fine sand, picturesque bays where the rocks and the gravel make the main road, marinas and 18 blue flags that certify the hight quality of the water.


The coast is not the only charming point of Le Marche. The interior is just as beautiful and full of wonders. Green and golden hills, surrounded by meadows, woods and grooves, that make a beautiful marriage with the nearby agricultural fields. These fields, covered in wheat and olive trees will colour and tint your memories with a scent of pizza and focaccia. 


Look to the West and you will find the Apennines gently sloping down, enveloping the parallel valleys and showering them with with a lovely breeze that reaches the sea.


The lofty peaks of the Sibillini mountains are a sight to behold. With over 2,000 meters of hight, here you will be able to hike, trek and even partake in botany trips or bird watching. The region of Le Marche is where you will make unforgettable memories that will keep you craving for the next time you visit!