Cingoli Marche is a town full of charm and history

Cingoli in Le Marche (learn more about the region) is perched right on the hill at 631m. Due to its panoramic position, Cingoli is called the “Balcony of Le Marche”. It is also part of the association “I Borghi Piu Belli d’Italia”, meaning “The most beautiful villages in Italy”. 

Originally, one of the Roman municipalities, Cingoli was the birthplace of the general Roman troops Titus Labienus and, one of the most recent characters, Pope Pius VIII. The town is characterised by the succession of noble palaces with the plaster’s warm colours and the Renaissance portals. The neighbouring municipalities of Cingoli are Apiro, Appignano, Filottrano, Jesi, San Severino Marche, Staffolo and Treia. 

Cingoli Le Marche

Surrounded by nature

From a large terrace, on the walls of the castle of medieval origin, you can enjoy a birds-eye view of most of Le Marche. This includes Mount Conero and the Adriatic Sea. Cingoli is surrounded by more than 4,500 hectares of nature. For this reason, the best time of the year to visit the town is summer. In a close distance to Cingoli are located waterfalls and lakes. They are perfect for those who love to immerse themselves in an expedition. Or, just to have a good contact with nature to recharge the good energy.

Outside Cingoli Marche

Best known is the Cingoli lake or often named Castreccioni. It is the biggest artificial lake in Le Marche which was created in 1980. With its dimensions of 2 square kilometres and depth of 50 meters, the lake is home to various species of fish and birds that come to migrate. In addition, it is a great option for a boat ride thanks to its depth. 


Followed by, you can pay a visit to the lake museum, or continue for a walk through the forest and enjoy the peacefulness that these places generate. Then, you can visit the Ponte dell’ Intagliata, a medieval-style bridge which is currently in ruins. Moreover, in the area, you can find the old water mill Mulino Bravi which is still producing flour. 

Unmissable stop around Cingoli in Le Marche are the waterfalls (Cascatelle di Cingoli). This is where majestic waterfalls are born by the Musone river. It’s a perfect spot for the hot summer days. Even though the water is not considered mild, you can still try to be brave and have a nice jump to cool yourself down. Let yourself immerse with nature and just enjoy the silence. I said silence but doesn’t happen in the middle of the day as people rush to the waterfalls around lunchtime. For this reason, make sure you get there a bit earlier so you can have them all for yourself. 

For the little ones, Cingoli has the BlueGreen resort that has several swimming pools and waterslides. Perfect opportunity to spend a hot summer day. Not to mention that they also have lodging packages to enjoy their facilities to the fullest. Check here what else you can do in the region of Le Marche.

The churches

Cingoli Le Marche has also a lot of religious sights. One of them is the cathedral dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta which you can find in Piazza Giovanni Zucconi. Followed by the baroque church of San Filippo Neri, the church of San Niccolò. Another one is the Cingoli cathedral which dates back from the 18th century and it was built for Pope Pius. 

Among the civil architecture buildings, we would highlight the Municipal Palace, Conti and Puccetti Palaces. If interested in archaeology, you can visit the museum which preserves the testimonies of the nearby site of Moscosi.

Outside the city walls is the Collegiate Church of Sant’Esuperanzio, with its beautiful Romanesque facade. For all religious buildings in Cingoli check here.

The hermitage of Santa Sperandia

Santa Sperandia, who lived between 1216-1276, was the Patroness of Cingoli. In her early 20s, she left her Gubbio, wearing just a pigskin and a metal belt. She was about to start her pilgrimage in the central Apennines, up to Cingoli. She lived in a cave hidden in the woods. Now you can visit the cave after taking 430 steps down. After spending years in solitude in the Grotta del Monte Acuto Santa Sperandia eventually moved to the Benedictine Monastery of Cingoli. Every August people do the pilgrimage to the cave in memory of the Saint Sperandia.

Cingoli Le Marche

Tastes in Cingoli Marche

While walking through the beautiful alleys in Cingoli you cannot miss the artisan local shops dotted around the village. Make sure you taste some typical Merchegiano dishes. Among our suggestions are the first courses such as vincisgrassi and passatelli, or the second courses of pork in porchetta and cod in Le Marche style. 

If you still have some space after these delicious meals, then try the typical dessert ciambellone. 

To end, we can say that this small but charming city in Italy provides us with the perfect entertainment to spend a good vacation and come back full of good energy. We are emphasising that Cingoli adapts to each tourist’s needs giving them a reason to return to the town again. 

Whether you want to explore the town on foot, by horse or even on a mountain bike, you will have the opportunity to get closer to nature. Cingoli is the ideal place to relax. It takes you to a different world, far from crowds of tourists.