Why The Secret Italy?

Our love and passion for Italy were the main trigger for what we are doing right now!

But we didn’t want to talk about all those places in Italy which everyone already knows. Places that are overcrowded and overpriced. Those places are not everything that Italy has to offer. In fact, the beauty of Italy comes from the hidden gems which most of the people don’t know about. Small towns with rich history, beaches with crystal clear water, rolling hills with different shades of green and irresistible cuisine.

This short description goes for the underrated Italian region of Le Marche. A region that has been shadowed by Tuscany and Umbria but it’s as beautiful and diverse as them. So we decided to start this passion of ours and show people that the region of Le Marche is worth visiting.

Since we started The Secret Italy, we found out how much more the region has to offer than we thought. And we keep falling in love with it every day!

So, this is us – Andrea and Lily. We are delighted to take you with us around Le Marche so you can discover a different part of Italy.

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